Pet Showering massage Glove

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Keep your pet clean and healthy with our Pet Showering Massage Glove.

Our Pet Showering Massage Glove allows you to both rinse and massage your pet with minimal effort. The glove features 12mm raised teeth which help to give the pet a relaxing massage but also remove dirt from within the coat. Once connected to the water supply water will immediately be sprayed through the central holes of the glove. This water can be sprayed up to 10cm's so it is strong enough to remove dirt from the roots of the hair meaning the hairs are left clean and healthy.   

How to use:

1. Put on gloves when bathing pets, water is automatically sprayed in the centre of the palm of your hand when connected to water; there is no need for additional hose flushing to free the other hand.
2. Before bathing, you can use the gloves to comb the floating hair on the pet and straighten out the hair.
3. The water can then be used to wash the pet (even if they usually dislike water) and the glove used to massage or apply shampoo throughout the coat.