MagicSpray™ Makeup Waterproofing Setting Spray (Mattifying)

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Are your forever worried about your makeup running or smudging when your sweat or it rains?
well worry no longer because MagicSpray™ is here to help. Simply apply your makeup as usual and cover with a spray of MagicSpray™ and it will do the rest. Protecting your makeup, giving it super staying power and even water resistance this spray will be your new best friend. 
Instant matte look
Improving the appearance of your makeup but also making it last longer
Suitable for all skin types
Formula tested on all skin types and proven to be effective
Water resistant
It is soo effective it even stops makeup from being removed in water so you can go swimming when you like.

How to use?

Shake very well before use. After finishing your makeup, hold the bottle 20 – 25 cm away from face and spray evenly onto your complexion. Close your eyes and mouth while applying. Caution: Keep out of eyes.

1) Spray the mist after the whole face makeup.

2) Wait for it to dry completely.

3) Your makeup is totally waterproof.

How to remove?

MagicSpray™ can be removed using any makeup removing wipe or liquid. 

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery outside of USA.