QuickCoat™ No Mess Paint Roller (8Pcs/set)

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Do you want a paint roller that is quick and has zero splattering and dripping?
Then you need our QuickCoat™ No Mess Paint Roller. Our paint roller set allows you to pour the paint directly into the roller where it is then transferred to the surface you are painting consistently and with no drips or running. The benefit of using QuickCoat™ is that it allows you to quickly paint large areas as there is no need to stop and reapply paint. It also means that there is almost no mess as paint is not sprayed by the roller so there is no need to cover the rest of the room.
No mess
No drips or splattering so there is no need to worry about covering the rest of the room.
Save time
With no need to keep stopping to reapply paint the job can be done in considerably less time.
Easy clean
Simply rinse out any left over paint once you have finished and it is ready to be used again.
This set includes:
1 x Large Paint Roller
1 x Edge Roller
1 x Corner Painter
1 x Paint Pouring Bucket
1 x Resting Tray
1 x  (3pcs) Extension Rods

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