LiveLure™ USB Flashing/Twitching Fishing Lure (1PCs)

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If you want to step-up your fishing game this lure is perfect for you!


The LiveLure™ is revolutionising fishing lures and if you don't own one you're missing out on a whole lot of fish. Featuring the newest technology, this lure is the most life like of its kind with flashing LED lights and sensors to make it vibrate when in the water it is almost guaranteed to catch fish. 

The LiveLure™ is crafted to a very high quality which means it is more than capable of withstanding the biggest of fish. The lure is also quickly rechargeable needing just 15-20 minutes to fully charge allowing it to be used for around 50 minute on a full charge.


• Life-like movements and LED light

• Double hook design to ensure fish are caught correctly

• Quick recharge


Package includes:

1 x Rechargeable lure

1 x USB charging cable

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