LAZY™ Neck Phone Holder

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Do you hate having to hold your phone whilst watching something? 

Well you will love this. The convenient LAZY™ Neck Phone Holder allows you to use your phone hands-free meaning you can do other things whilst you watch or just be more comfortable in bed. It is simply placed around your neck and can be adjusted so that the phone is in the exact position you want it, including the ability to rotate the phone 360º. The phone holder is universal which means that it can be used with any type and size of phone making it all the more convenient.



  • Adjustable frame: Allows you to position the phone in the exact position your desire so you are as comfortable as can be.
  • Hands free: Don't get tired arms ever again.
  • Usable with any model of phone: No need to worry about wether your phone will fit, this phone holder can be used with ALL phones.

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