AutoWhite™ Rechargeable Automatic Electric Toothbrush

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Ever been late and so skipped brushing your teeth to save time? Or just occasionally don’t feel like it?

Well then our AutoWhite™ Rechargeable Automatic Electric Toothbrush is the tool for you. It takes all of the hassle out of brushing you’re teeth leaving you able to get things done while cleaning you’re teeth. You could pick out your outfit for the day or prepare your breakfast. 

 AutoWhite™ Has been developed in conjunction with studies in to different shapes and sizes of jaws to create a mouthpiece which is truly one size fits all. The automatic toothbrush provides full coverage of the tooth surface to give you a consistent and thorough clean of both the inside and outside of the tooth. The toothbrush also gives a massage to the gum area and causes much less damage than a conventional toothbrush.   

Our mouthpiece is crafted using high grade silicone which is completely save to be used in the mouth due to its easy cleaning properties and is extremely durable meaning it can be used many times over without disforming or discolouring. 

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